Powered Hang Gliding History

General Photos

The British Hang Gliding competition held at Mere in September 1978 Len Gabriels showing off his 1st powered hang glider. After making its maiden flight in January 1978

Photo from Terry Aspinall


A later version of one of Len Gabriel's power units. At on time he even used two of these units on one of his gliders, one unit either side of the main keel.

Photo from Len Gabriels



Mike Pulfords design, with the Norfolk Club President Greg Thompson as the model

Late 1981

Photo from Mike Lake


Len Gabriels shaft driven unit, the same one he used during his flight from London to Paris 27th August 1979

Photo from Len Gabriels


Pixie trike power unit. Solo 2 stroke engine Trike dismantled for transport
In car boot Twin engine power unit with contra-rotating props for two seat trainer
Attached to the wing ready for flight Up and away

Len Gabriels Pixie power unit 1979

Photos from Len Gabriels web site


Felthorpe Airfield (Norfolk) Power Fly-in Photos 1980



Terry Aspinall flying a 'UAS Storm Buggy' built by Nick Wriggerly and sponsored by 'Aqua Covers'

Ipswich Airport April 1981

Photo from Terry Aspinall


John Hudson's Mainair/Kawasaki Skybike from around 1981-82.

Geoff Ball is the rider/pilot.

Photo from Greg Stokes


Tony Prentice flying a Swedish designed Motolotnia "White Eagle" The glider belonged to Peter Scott and the power unit belonged to Derek George


Photo from Tony Prentice


November 1978

Brian Milton survives a crash after his glider rolled over on its back 200 feet above the Dorset countryside.

Taken from an unknown magazine March 10th 1979


July 1983. The Civil Aviation Authority brought out a supplement to the Cap 53. For a private pilot's licence (aeroplanes) with a group D aircraft rating, the microlight PPL


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