Powered Hang Gliding History

From The East Anglian newspaper

1st June 1981

Rodney Blois from Yoxford operated from a field close to his house and imported the Rotec Microlight from the US. On this particular day he test flew one of his Microlights. Although he had a PPL, this was his first flight in a microlight and was being guided by David Cook and a couple of local flyers. His accident happened while attempting his first landing. Terry Aspinall had flown along side of him during the whole flight and there were no problems until he touched down and a small gust of wind caught him and before he could stop and one wheel went into a ditch. It must also be noted that Rodneys lap strap broke, had this not occurred he might not have been injured

Rodneys Rotec Rally


Rodney Blois flying his Rotec on the lower left, being shadowed by Terry Aspinall flying his UAS Storm Buggy in the upper right while on his final approach to land.

Photo from Terry Aspinall


Importer of the American Rotec


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