Photo Gallery

Years General Photos Pilots Gallery Powered Hang Gliders
1971 Simon Murphys McBroom Arion Brian Harrison Len Gabriels Blue Bird
1972 Dave Watts 1st glider Brian Woods Mike Pulfords Power unit
1973 Ken Messenger on Mt Snowden Dave Worth Len Gabiels Ducted Fan
1974 Andrew Hill 1 Don Liddard 1983 Norfolk Air Race photos
1975 Andrew Hill 2 Frank Kemmery Powered Section photos
1976 Norfolk H G C Badge Frank Tarjanyi Don Liddard Powered 1981
1977 Rhossili Southern Wales Gerry Breen Don Liddard Trike 1981
1978 Graham Slater News article Johnny Carr Don Liddard Powered Mere 1978
1979 Miles Handley John Clarke Don Liddard Soarmaster 1979
1980 Sally Lee at Selsey Rick Ware Don Liddard Powered 1979
1981 Nick Regan without helmet Kevin Cowie Don Liddard Isle Of White
  Steyning Bowl Competrition 1975 Len Gabriels Don Liddard Midas E
  Miles Handley 1975 Paddy Monro Don Liddard Powered Midas E 1977-78
  Don Liddard Wasp Holly Hill 1974 Roger Middleton Len Gabiels Powered 1979
  Wasp Gryphon Ron Broere Tony Prentice Trike 1981
  Geoff McBrooms 1st Glider Roly Lewis Evans Greg Stokes Mere 1980
  Skiplane Steve Pionk Chargus Powered Midas E at Mere 1978
  NHGA membership card Terry Aspinall Greg Stokes Powered
  BHGA cloth badge    
  Tony Prentice Split-wing   Little Snoring Tow Meet
  Kossen Team 1978    
  Greg Stokes  
  Greg Stokes Log Book    
  Greg Stokes photos    
  Steve Cohen    
  Don Liddard-1    
  Don Liddard-2    
  Don Liddard-3    
  Don Liddard-4    
  Don Liddard-5    
  Don Liddard-6    
  Don Liddard-7    
  Don Liddard-8    
  Don Liddard-9    
  Don Liddard 1980    
  Andy Rowe    
  Jo Binns    
  Tony Beresford    
  Gryphon 2    
  Prone Harness 1974    
  John Levers Mill Hill 1974    
  Keel Pocket    


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