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WINGS first appeared via the BHGA (British Hang Gliding Association) as it was christened in Dec 1974

After the successful meeting at Birmingham towards the end of 1974, that saw the birth of the British Hang Gliding Association. It also saw the winding up of the NHGA and the BKSA [National Hang Gliding Association and the British Kite Soaring Association). Their respective magazines, the 'Flypaper', and 'Sailwing', were merged into one magazine and re-named “Wings”. Nick Regan having been named as the Editor and Dave Tait his co-editor, together they produced the very first issue of 'Wings' in January 1975. Below is a selection of the front covers the magazine.

All the following magazines come from a collection belonging to Mark Woodhams.

Thanks Mark

Numbers 1 to 31 are photos in jpg format, while the others are in PDF format. From number 32 onward the Wings magazine format was enlarged to A4 size, these are all in PDF files.

No1 Jan 1975   No2 Feb 1975   No3 March 1975   No4 April 1975   No5 May 1975   No6 June 1975   No7 July 1975   No8 Aug 1975
No9 Sept 1975   No10 Oct 1975   No11 Nov 1975   No12 Dec 1975   No13 Jan 1976   No14 Feb 1976   No15 March 1976   No16 April 1976
No17 May 1976   No18 June 1976   No19 July 1976   No20 Aug 1976   No21 Sept 1976   No22 Oct 1976   No23 Nov 1976   No24 Dec 1976
No25 Jan 1977   No26 Feb 1977   No27 March 1977   No28 April 1977   No29 May 1977   No30 June 1977   No31 July 1977   No32 Aug 1977
No33 Sept 1977   No34 Oct 1977   No35 Nov 1977   No36 Dec 1977   No37 Jan 1978   No38 Feb 1978   No39 March 1978   No40 April 1978
No41 May 1978   No42 June 1978   No43 July 1978   No44 Aug 1978   No45 Sept 1978   No46 Oct 1978   No47 Nov 1978   No48 Dec 1978
No49 Jan/Feb 1979   No50 March 1979   No51 April 1979   No52 May 1979   No53 June 1979   No54 July 1979   No55 Aug 1979   No56 Sept 1979
No57 Oct 1979   No58 Nov 1979   No59 Dec 1979   No60 Jan 1980   No61 Feb 1980   No62 March 1980   No63 April 1980   No64 May 1980
No65 June 1980   No66 July 1980   No67 Aug 1980   No68 Sept 1980   No69 Oct 1980   No70 Nov 1980   No71 Dec 1980   No72 Jan 1981
No73 Feb 1981   No74 March 1981   No75 April 1981   No76 May 1981   No77 June 1981   No78 July 1981   No79 Aug 1981   No80 Sept 1981
No81 Oct 1981   No82 Nov 1981   No83 Dec 1981   No84 Jan 1982   No85 Feb 1982   No86 March 1982   No87 April 1982   No88 May 1982
No89 June 1982   No90 July 1982   No91 Aug 1982   No92 Sept 1982   No93 Oct 1982   No94 Nov 1982   No95 Dec 1982    

All the above magazines are from Mark Woodhams

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