Ron Broere

One of our Dutch Cousins


Our Hang Gliding club from Holland visited the Shanklin Festival in 1981 or 82, I'm not sure of the year.

We drove around the island in a large blue ex-police van. (Evening all).

The following photos were taken during our visit.

At that time I was only flying hang gliders, having learned in Wales.

Would anybody know in which year the Welsh Hang Gliding centre was opened? 

Later I bought and built a Scorpion 3-axis machine and returned with it to the Netherlands.

The most interesting flight I had was when it would not go higher then 30 feet because of engine troubles caused by the muffler, while at the same time a rudder cable came loose so I could only make right hand turns. Still managed to get back to the landing strip flying between the tree tops. 

I rented it out to 2 F16 pilots who wanted to purchase it. Sadly the engine quit, forcing them to crash land in a ditch.

Then just after I returned from England with all the spare parts, the Scorpion was grounded after it was discovered that the whole design was dangerous. We were lucky. I sold the remains to a farmer interested in aviation stuff who wanted to hang it in his barn. Maybe it is still there…

 Ron Broere

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Something we've all done a million times, or at least a few

But well worth the trip Just logged 10 minutes and never left the cliff edge  
Our old Blue Police Van
After 10 min ridge soar what goes up must come down    

Photos from Ron Broere


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