Roly Lewis-Evans

I first went to work for Birdman as a sailmaker. I left late in 1979 to go to California to work for Bill Bennett. During this time, Dave Raymond, Mark Southall, Cliff Ingram, all left Birdman and set up Solar Wings, situated next to the naughty knicker factory down in Marlbourgh town. When I returned in 1980, they asked if I would go and work for them, which I did. We were making the very successful Solar Wings Storm which was the first glider they produced. 

To be continued

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Jim Bowyer, Gordon Faulkner Frankie Taryani and his then wife Barbara sat in the trike at the Welsh Hiway factory.

Geoff Shine goofing around trying to cut my rear trike wire.
My first Trike
Mt first Trike

My first Trike

Found on a stall in India Just the logo

Photos from Roly Lewis-Evans


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