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Miles Handley

Miles aged 40, just before hang gliding took over and he was still respectable


Large Skyhook which I needed to carry my weight (1973-74)



Miles flying a 'Skyhook ' at Devils Dyke 1974


On 30th August 1975 Miles was flying a Wasp 229 at Devils Dyke and was photographed by Don Liddard. These are displayed in a flip book folder, to view please Click Here.


The Gulp. Lots of fun. These first two had no battens but the third one did (sorry no photo). It flew very well but was a bit of a hassle to erect (1975/76)


Gryphon1. This was a bit on the large side but soared well. Johnny Carr flew it at Kossen, Austria and I got in trouble with him because I failed to tell him you could parachute-land it. Had he known it, he could have won the championship. He then gave us all a demonstration by putting his wellies on the ground and then landing in them (as bottom photo). (1975/77 I think, long time ago).


Gryphon 2. This worked really well (1978?)


Gryphon 3 as above but with small tips assembly (1979?).


Gryphon 3. (manufactured by Wasp). The demand was high, I could not make enough of them so I took it to Wasp. I don't know how many they made but one day at Devils Dyke there were about 15 of them. The winds were quite high and they were the only gliders flying - at about 1000ft over the sea. Later on, Wasp left for America and we lost contact. It was at Beachy Head that I had my accident. I tip-stalled on take-off, dislocating my shoulder and broke the collar bone and lost my nerve. I did fly again but was a danger to myself and anyone else who was flying near me. Time to give up.


The Gulp specifications from Tony Fuell


Mad Miles in 1980



Hydrofoil sailing. Just out of interest I enclose these photos of my next adventure.

1st Photo. Is the original boat (Hydrofoil)

2nd and 3rd Photos. This project was financed by Intermedia

4th Photo. The wizard. Financed by two generous supportive sponsors. The photo was taken at the Dusseldorf boat show when King Hussein of Jordan and a Mr Schneider each bought one. Alas the day came when my business Partner did a moonlight flit after wiping clean the accounts on the computer and the following day the VAT Inspector arrived. End of story - except that the business was sold on to a gentleman in Australia.


Miles in 2007

I finally retired age 77 after spending the intervening years designing aids for disabled people.

All photos and captions are from Miles and he says Hello to all the friend he made along the way.

Miles was also the instigator of the very first British Hang Glider Manufacturers Federation Provisional Safety Code


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