Owned and run by Brian Harrison since 1975

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Company Director, Brian Harrison, flew his first hang glider in 1973, became a manufacturer in 1975, marketed the first commercially available powered hang glider in 1978 and moved up to composite ultralights in 1982, manufacturing the Goldwing and assisting in productionising the Shadow designed and built by David Cook in Leiston Suffolk. 


Unlike some of the others manufacturers during those early years in the UK, Scotkites was a full time organisation and manufactured well over 300 hang gliders.

Their models included, Firefly, Firetail and under licence from Electra-Flyer Corp, the Cirrus2, Cirrus 3, Cirrus 5, Olympus, Dove and Floater.

Much of their production was exported to France, Spain, Iceland and Norway and in the UK both Gerry Breen and Graham Slater sold Cirrus and Olympus.

Originally Brian set up production in an old church hall in Edinburgh eventually ending up in adjoining industrial units, total 6,000sq ft. in East Kilbride and changing the name to 'Eurowing'.

With their Electra-Flyer connection, they were the first to obtain the Soarmaster unit and sold several to Gerry Breen. Their Cirrus 5/Soarmaster being the first commercially available powered hang glider. It was on this combination that Jimmy Potts became the first guy to fly the Irish sea in 1979. Brian Harrison and Gerry Breen were at the 'Electra Flyer Eagle' launch in Arizona in January 1979, and Brian brought back the No 2 prototype as ''hand luggage''. Complete with engine and undercarriage, all the way from Albuquerque, via LA and London, to Glasgow. All free of charge because the airlines didn't know how to charge for this luggage and were intrigued that they were transporting an aeroplane,as ''hand luggage'' !

Brian and Gerry and divided the UK up between them to sell the Eagles and subsequently they went on to manufacture the 'Goldwing' in kit form (over 65 units, a fair proportion of which, again, were exported). Just for the record, they never manufactured their own sails preferring to sub contract to a local sailmaker in Scotland, then one in Lancs and some C5 sails to Paul Maritos at Flexiform.


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