Brian Harrison

Brian during an early television Hang Gliding documentary program.

Photo from Brian

A selection of Brian's Memorabilia

From top left down, Arm Badge, 1st World Hang Glider Championships, Kossen,1976, unused.

Two BKSA 'Wings' unused.

Kossen 1975 1st World Drachenflieger meeting Competitor's (Aktiv) Badge (me)

Kossen 1975 1st World Drachenflieger meeting Competitor's Memorial Badge

Kossen 1976 1st World Hangegleiten meeting Memorial Badge

 1975 UP badge

1979 American Cup, Medal, Lookout Mountain (All details on reverse side)

 1979 Eagle Driver Badge, used. 


In the early 1980's Brian became Production Manager for 'CFM' in Leiston Suffolk, building David Cooks Shadow. This photo is of the very first batch of 5 machines they produced.

Photo from Terry Aspinall

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