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The following is an article by John Burgess that appeared in the Avon Club newsletter 1st January 1978 and was sent in by Tony Williams




John Burgess


Former Editor


Tony Williams


Well, this will be the last copy of the Avon Hang Gliding Club's Newsletter that I will be involved with. Tony Williams (with the red and yellow Vector) and Phillip Gibson (with the yellow and black Spirit) actually volunteered to take over from me as from this month - thanks a lot lads. Alf Beckett is to continue as type/print liaison person with his Mrs., Kath still doing the typing. (Don't they do well)

With the cross country season well and truly here 10, 9 and 6 miles on Friday, Saturday and Monday of 14th - 17th April, flight reports should be flooding in. Many thanks to those of you who have supported the news letter over the past year and I hope the other 100 members of the club will pull their collective fingers out and support your new editors.

Good flying (miles and miles of it!)

John Burgess


From Tony Williams


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