Floating Tip

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Photo of the Len Gabriels Canard wing glider at Perran Porth competition during 1978. Interesting is the Moyes Metro glider being flown by Brian Woods above it with floating wingtips. Taken by Don Liddard


The Floating Tip arrived in the UK during August 1977 as an added extra to Bill Moyes gliders, that were taking part at the annual Mere Competition. However, its invention goes back to Steve Cohen an Australian.

Steve Cohen, is recognised as the most prolific designer of Microlight/Ultralight Aircraft in Australia although he started by designing and building Hang Gliders for Bill Moyes. Steve left the Moyes company because he was not allowed to make changes.

Steve then went on to form his own company 'Ultralight Flight Systems' and was once the largest Hang Glider Manufacturing company in Australia, and his wing was flown by the first ever World Champion, Terry Delore of New Zealand.

During the 1977 Mere Competition Moyes gliders were place 1st, 2nd and 3rd in Class two.


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