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The 1976 British Hang Gliding Associations Championship meeting


The Blue Stratos sponsored Hang Glider flying at Mere during the Annual competition


Famous photo from Mere 1976

In the foreground is the 'Griffin' further back on the left is the 'Blue Stratos' glider and to the right at the back is David Cook with his VJ23



Bill Moyes (Aus) holding the nose for his sons (Steven) Glider. The guy behind wearing a hat is a Kiwi who is taunting Bill about the pieces of string running from the back of the wing to the side of the 'A' frame. This on the spot innovation allowed them to enter the Class 3 competition and fly against David Cook and his 3 axis controlled VJ23 glider.


The rigging area at Mere 1976 on the right hand side of the bowl

The morning after a bad storm

All above photos From Terry Aspinall


A selection of Photos taken during 1976 by Don Liddard

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Photos of Steve Cohen taken during his 1976 UK visit by Don Liddard

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