Steve Cohen

Steve Cohen, is recognised as the most prolific designer of Ultralight Aircraft in Australia although he started by designing and building Hang Gliders for Bill Moyes. Steve came up with the idea of a Keel pocket to help flatten the sail round about the time that Steve left the Moyes company. An idea that Bill was quick to adopt. Its believed the first Moyes glider he added it to was the 'Stinger'. However, Steve has since claimed that he left the Moyes company mainly because he was not allowed to make changes.

Steve then went on to form his own company 'Ultralight Flight Systems' and was once the largest Hang Glider Manufacturing company in Australia, and his wing was flown by the first ever World Champion, Terry Delore of New Zealand.

In 1976 Steve brought a couple of his gliders to the UK and did a bit of work for 'Hiway' and we ended up with the Hiway Scorpion { fin}.

During an interview (around 2007) with Graeme Henderson, Steve was asked about the fin hanging from the back of the keel and what purpose it served. It turns out that it did nothing, and was a means of Steve being able to spot his gliders in the air, it also allowed him to discover which manufacturers were copying his designs.

The following photos were taken by Don Liddard recording Steves visit 1976

Beachy Head

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