The Bat Glider - Batso plans

Ken de Russy one of Americas top hang gliding historians says he has yet to find a single account of anyone building and flying the Bat-Glider from plans even though 25,000 sets of them were sold. Numerous reports of the Batso, modeled somewhat on the Bat-Glider, affirm it was was built by many and flown, most famously in the Feb 1972 National Geographic.


Photo taken from Wikipedia

Richard Miller flying what became know as the 'Bamboo Butterfly'

From Richard Millers drawings and photos, Jim Foreman created the Bat-Glider Plans. Which were published by 'Popular Mechanics' magazine in the November 1961.


The Batso

Photo from the Ken de Russy collection USA


Bat-Glider plans

Photo from the Ken de Russy Collection USA


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