Powered Hang Gliding History

June 1979

James (Jimmy) Potts from Kilmarnock, preparing to take off from a field in front of the Drumnagreagh Hotel on the Antrim Coast just North of Larne in Northern Ireland and fly 29 miles to Port Patrick in Scotland in a Cirrus/Soarmaster engine combination that he obtained from Brian Harrison of Scotkites/Eurowing in Scotland. Somebody later recalled that he was shadowed by a Sea King helicopter that came over from Scotland to accompany him and rescue him if he ditched. Because of the security situation at that time the Sea King was not permitted to land in Northern Ireland, one dreads to think what the taxpayer's bill was. Jimmy had to fly at a very low level because of a headwind, but could not put off the flight any longer or he would not have had the helicopter support.


From Bertie Kennedy


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