Powered Hang Gliding History

The 1980 Popham Fly-in

24th to 25th August

Ashley Doubtfire caused a lot of interest when he flew in with fairing's on his main support poles Cameras were clicking all day including mine. In the end Ashley got a little upset and tried to stop it
Another interesting innovation was the Chargus trike and its three bladed propeller Not sure if it was made of wood as the UAS Buggy's three bladed propeller was plastic
The Eagle Hiways Skytrike ??
Don Liddard with his Soarmaster powered Chargus Votex. While above is Fred Dash flying prone in his Fledge with a twin engine Soarmaster unit with a single shaft and prop  
Allan Weeks with his Pterodactyl  

Photos from Terry Aspinall


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