British Hang Gliding History


In the middle to late 1970's giving hang gliding a go at a training school was quite popular. Some became hooked and continued in the sport, others did not. For some it may simply have been a case of ticking that particular box, and moving on. Whilst others found hang gliding wasn't for them. In some extreme cases, their first taste of hang gliding may even have scared them off. Some hang glider pilots also moved on to powered hang gliding, dropping out of the BHGA, and joined the BMAA instead. But during the 1970's Nick Regan once estimated that there were over 3,000 hang glider pilots in the UK.

The number of hang gliding pilots in the UK peaked at 4,072 in June 1980, but there after went into slow decline. By September 2019, whilst there were over 7,000 BHPA flying members, less than 1,000 of those were hang glider pilots.

The following list of hang glider pilots was originally compiled by Terry Aspinall from information on this website, issues of 'Wings' magazine, club newsletters, and competition programs, and only covers the period up to the end of 1980. This is not a full list of UK hang glider pilots in that era

Pilots are listed in alphabetical surname order, and details of club membership or location are included when known. But of course some pilots will have joined more than one club, or may have moved to a different location, so this should just be regarded as a snapshot. Links are also provided where more detailed information about a particular pilot is available on this website.

If you're looking for a particular pilot, you can click on the first letter of their surname to take you to the appropriate section of this list.


Name Club or Location
Abberley A. Oxford
Abbot Stan Dales
Abbott Dave Suffolk
Abbott S. Birkenhead
Abrahams Dave Manchester
Acott Dover
Adam Michael Merthyr
Adamws Fred Tredegar
Adams Paul Manchester
Acton Frank Middx.
Aldridge D.  
Alexander Lionel  
Allen Bill Cheltenham
Allen Bryan  
Allen C.S.  
Allen Roger Petherton
Allen Steve Kettering
Allgood Pete Birminghan
Allsop M.  
Amor John Bandury
Andrew Robert Aberdeen
Anderson Bill Arbroath
Anderson Joe l.Hampton
Anderson Tony N.U. Tyne
Anderson W. Arbroath
Andow John London
Angus Keith S.S.A.
Annette Barrie Twickenham
Anscombe Dave  
Anstey Peter Brighouse
Anthony Christopher  
Appleby M.  
Applin Mike Weybridge
Apps Howard Chester
Archer John Hull
Arkle Bill Plymouth
Arkle D.W.  
Armstrong Andy Plymouth
Armstrong E.  
Armstrong Steve Wallasey
Arnold Alan Shrewsbury
Arnold Neil Minehead
Arscott Rodney  
Arwle Bill W. Counties
Ascott Roy  
Ashcroft A.  
Ashcroft J. Liverpool
Ashfield Mike Bracknell
Ashman Chris Northampton
Ashman Chris Swansea
Ashman Ben N.U.Tyne
Ashton Fred Yorkshire
Ashton Roger Brierley Hill
Ashton Mike  
Ashworth Tom Yorks.
Aspinall Terry Knodishall
Atkinson David  
Atkinson N.  
Atkinson Mike Plymouth
Atkinson Ray  
Austin Barry Norfolk
Austin Derek Folkstone
Babbage Don Hitchin
Bach Richard  
Bacher Joseph Plymouth
Bacon Paul Surbiton
Badgery Martin  
Bailes R.  
Baker Brian Dagenham
Baker Chris Bristol
Baker Glen Preston
Baker Haydn Cardiff
Baker Paul Bristol
Baker Richard Bristol
Baker S Stonehouse
Bailey Robert Pennine
Bails Bob  
Baird Graham Norfolk
Balchin Robert Avon
Baldwin Bob Brighton
Balfour C.J.  
Ball Alan Sheffield
Ball David Edinburgh
Ball Geoff  
Ballard Ron Wessex
Ballard Stan Basildon
Balley Rodney Thames
Balmer Toby Birmingham
Banbury C.G.  
Banks Peter Dorking
Banner Peter  
Barker Ken N.Harrow
Banks R.  
Barber John Dunstable
Barclay Mick Newquay
Barfoot E. Derbyshire
Barker Bill Manchester
Barker Ken  
Barnard Alan Crewkerne
Barnard Dr Alan Thornbury
Barnes Adrian  
Barns John Welsh
Barron Martin Preston
Barry Kevin  
Bashford Roland Humberside
Bates Martin Belfast
Batchelor Mike Thonbury
Batter David Westcliffe
Battersea E.K.  
Battersea Ted Littlebourne
Bayes Barry  
Bazeley Dave St. Column
Beach Nick Rayleigh
Beadall Walt Beverley
Beard Dave Ilfracombe
Beatham John E.Grinstead
Beavis David London
Beaumont Don Dales
Beckett Alf Bristol
Beckett Roy Blackheath
Beckett Tommy Ballymena
Bedding David M.Risborough
Beeford Dave Humberside
Beese Tom  
Bell Graham Peaks
Bell Nigel Somerset
Bell-Davis R.W.  
Beloe Iain Avon
Belsey Graham Southern
Benchley M.K.  
Benn Alistair S.  
Bennett A.D.  
Bennett A.F.  
Bennet Derek  
Bennett Colin  
Bennett Paul  
Bennett Roy Bristol
Bennett T. Irish
Bentail Steve Bishopston
Bentall Steve Swansea
Beresford Tony London
Bergan Anthony Long Mynd
Best P. Doncaster
Best Peter Sheffield
Betts Clive Brighton
Betts D. Mansfield
Betts Steven Norfolk
Bevan J.  
Bevan John Tibberton
Bevan-John Alain  
Bibby Bill Manwing
Bickel Dick  
Biddy B.  
Bilous Eddie  
Billingham Andrew Avon
Billington Robin Kenilworth
Binns Joe  
Birbeck Trevor  
Birch Anthony Kidderminister
Birch Brian Wolverhampton
Birchall P. Knottingley
Bird Robert Warwich
Bird Ron Walwick
Bird Tony Ickleton
Bishop Nick Middleton
Bissett Colin  
Black Roger Plymouth
Blackwell Jim  
Blenkinsop S.  
Blore Barry Oxon
Blout Charles  
Bluett Dave Maidstone
Bluett David Brenchley
Blumfield Clem Meole Brace
Blundell Phil Loughborough
Boad Derek  
Bolton J.  
Bond Derek Kent
Bond John Plymouth
Bond Steve Widnes
Bonds Christine Bridge North
Bonks R.P.  
Booth Tony Nottingham
Bootle John Cheltenham
Borland Billy Scotland
Borthwick Dave Fife
Boucher Desmond Pennine
Boughton John Canterbury
Bougney K.L. Swansea
Bourne Barry  
Bourne John  
Bourne Lawrence  
Bowden Bob Ferndown
Bowden Pete Suffolk
Bowen Eddie Linley
Bowen G.  
Bower S.  
Bowman Dave London
Bowman John Montrose
Bowman John Middlesborough
Bowtell A.  
Bowtell D  
Bowthorpe Hellerman  
Bowyer Bob N.Cornwall
Bowyer Jim  
Boylan J.  
Bracknell Graham  
Bradley Bob Kent
Bradley M. Scarborough
Bradley Reginald Southern
Bradshaw Pete Avon
Brady Martin Horsham
Brain S.W.  
Braine Les W.Didsbury
Breemer D.S.  
Bremmer D  
Breen Gerry S.Wales
Brenchley Martin Whitstable
Brenchley Peter  
Brewer Dave Wiltshire
Brewer Paul Oxfordshire
Brewitt Clive  
Bridge John Preston
Bridges Lesley Shropshire
Bridges Paul Salop
Briggs J.A. E.Yorks.
Briggs Terry Kingston
Brigstock P.A.  
Brinkworth Paul Southern
Brogan Heidi Glasgow
Brooks Eric Aberdeen
Brookes Barry Glouceter
Brookes C. Leicetser
Brookes Peter D. Bassett
Brookes Tim  
Brockman Paul  
Broderick Noel Irish
Broere Ron Holland
Brooke Roger Glos.
Brooks Eric Aberdeen
Brooks Tony  
Bromley Raymond Kent
Broomhall John Pennine
Brough Andrew Oxford
Brown Dave Titchfield
Brown Dick Pennine
Brown Harvey M.Kaynes
Brown Jim Cleckheaton
Brown John Weston-S-Mare
Brown Malcolm Norfolk
Brown Mike T.Side
Brown Mike Brecon
Brown Peter Wolverhampton
Brown Richard Coppull
Brown Tom Pennine
Brown Tony Bucks.
Bruce George London
Bruce James Kintore
Brunkin Michael  
Brunton George Wales
Bryant Geoff Bridgewater
Buck Mike Oxford
Buck Roderick Grantham
Bull Gordon  
Bullock Paul C.Stretton
Bulstrode Dr C. J. Oxford
Bunker Timothy London
Burchell Chas Sussex
Burgan Tony Shrewsberry
Burger Paul Shropshire
Burgess Greg Swansea
Burgess John  
Burgess Reg  
Burns Bob Birmingham
Burns Robert Peak
Burshall Mary Brighton
Burton Guy Bristol
Burton Mick Worcester
Butcher Des  
Butterfield Roy  
Butterworth Alex Leeds
Byrne Jeremy Solihull
Byrne Jerry Knowles
Cadoux M.  
Cahill N. Skelmersdale
Campoti G.  
Caley Alec Thames
Callow R. Daventry
Calvert Bob Preston
Cameron Victor Culloden
Campbell Andrew  
Campbell R.D.  
Campbell C.D. Scotland
Cannan Ian Ramsey
Capel Christine  
Cardiff John Dunstable
Carey Paul Kent
Carnet Michael Southern
Carr Brendan  
Carr Johnny Burgess Hill
Carslaw Don  
Carslaw James  
Carslaw Kay  
Carson Donnie Inverness
Carter Bill Southampton
Carter Rory  
Carter T.M.  
Carrol S.  
Carson Donald  
Cashmore Thomas Marlborough
Cassell D. London
Caston Mike  
Catanach D.J. Hull
Catanach Dave  
Cave Frank  
Cave Peter  
Chappel Chris Norfolk
Chaplin B.  
Chambers Dave Navy
Chard Wally Norfolk
Charles Colin  
Charlesworth R. Cosham
Christon Dick Rudby
Caxton Martin Essex
Chaffe Graham Walsall
Chaffe Len Walsall
Chambers Dave Nesscliffe
Champion Tony Blandford
Chaplin Brenden Croydon
Charnley Tom Preston
Charrington George  
Cheetham Ronnie Prestwick
Cheeseman D.  
Chen Michael W.Counties
Cherkas Tony London
Cherkas Mark  
Chew Michael Devon
Chippendale D.A.  
Christon Richard Middlesbough
Churton M.H.  
Cillins Michael  
Cillins Tommy  
Clark Dan Hern Bay
Clark John Bristol
Clark John Olveston
Clarke Bernard  
Clarke Chris Bradford
Clarke Derek Swansea Uni
Clarke E.B. Southend
Clarke F.  
Clarke Glenn Southampton
Clarke Gerard Ulster
Clarke John Peak
Clarke John B.O.Trent
Clarke John S.S.T.
Clarke Kenneth  
Clarke Paul Colchester
Clayfourd Clive Essex
Claypole V.C.  
Clayton Mike Dales
Clayton N. G. Cheshire
Clegg R.  
Clements Paul Brighton
Clements Ray  
Clifford Keith Winchester
Clinch D. Weatherby
Clother Dale Southern
Clothier Dale  
Close-Smith Robert Buckingham
Clouder Neil Southern
Clutton Eric S.O.Trent
Coates Stuart Sheffield
Cockcroft Keith Halifax
Coderay K. Norfolk
Coidan Paul  
Coldham Paul H.Heath
Cole John Basingstoke
Cole Robin Swansea
Coleman Chris Navy
Coleman Chris Yeovil
Coles Chris Norfolk
Coles D.  
Coles Keith  
Coles Ken Norfolk
Coll J. Bristol
Collins L. Nottingham
Collins Nigel  
Collins Tommy  
Collis Mike Cdr. Gosport
Colton Gordon Shropshire
Colvin Barrie Kings Lynn
Combes Robin Norfolk
Compton Derek Shetland
Conshaw Keith Macclesfield
Condy Ian  
Cook C. Wincanton
Cook David Aldringham
Cook Peter Gillingham
Cooper Peter Belfast
Cooper Neil Southern
Coppola Paul Lanarkshire
Corbit W.  
Corston Chris Taunton
Cotanach D.J.  
Cotano U. Southampton
Cousin J.S. Northants
Cousin John Cork
Cowan Keith  
Cowdale Tony Graven Arms
Cowell Bill S.S.A.
Cowell Bill Thames
Cowell William Edinbugh
Cowie Alex  
Cowie Kevin Brighton
Cox David Bournemouth
Cox James Berks.
Coxley Avon
Coyne P.  
Craggs J. Hants.
Craig Robin Scotland
Cranfield Andrew Scotland
Cram Ken  
Crane J. Liverpool
Cranshaw P. Preston
Craven H.N. Cuckfield
Cravfield Andy  
Crawfield Lansdale Scotland
Crawshaw N.C. Sussex
Cray Ted Ilfraccombe
Crediton Mervyn  
Crick Barry Northants
Croll John F. Bristol
Cronkshaw Keith Macclesfield
Cross John Matlock
Cross Malcolm Hereford
Craigie John  
Crane John Liverpool
Crowley Russel  
Cruickshank Jim  
Cruse Lester Coulsdon
Crutchley R. Peterborough
Cullen Joseph Glasgow
Cutton Eric S.O.Trent
Cunion Everard Dorset
Cunningham J.A. Co. Durham
Curtis John Thornbury
Curtis Neil Burch Heath
Curtis Roy Condors
Curtis W.A.  
Currer Ian Staxton
Cuttle Steve Edinbugh
Cussons Mike Oldham
Cyms. C Hitchin
Dale Mark W.Yorks.
Danford Mike Glamorgan
Davies Bob L.Sinton
Davies Ceri Ferndale
Davies Glyn  
Davies John Elgin
Davies John Lockerbie
Davies Len Derby
Davies Pete Blackpool
Davies R. Worcs.
Davis Eric N.  
Davis John Kent
Davis Paul Surrey
Davison Ian Rosshire
Davett Patrick  
Dawe Sid S.Wales
Dawson Dave Shetland
Day Peter Reading
Deane Tom Irish
Dear Bob Chersey
Delaney A. Manchester
Dennis Skip Crickhowell
Dempsey Al London
Dent John  
De Viell N. Guildford
Dibden Terry Wimborne
Dick David Balfast
Dickenson Keith Preston
Dickson Jonathan Norfolk
Didymus Bob Plymouth
Digby Barry Greenford
Digby Tony Greenford
Dike A. Dunstable
Discombe Roger Hove
Disney A.F. Southend
Dixon John  
Dobson Brian Ilkley
Dodwell Harry N.Ireland
Docherty Andy Newark
Docherty Ron Levin
Doe P.H.  
Doerler Heinx  
Doel Bob Condors
Doel Stephen  
Doherty John Preston
Doih Stan Edinburgh
Dolby Tony  
Dolwin Heol Cardiff
Donahge D. R. Lancs.
Donald R.  
Donald Paul  
Doncaster Tim  
Doubtfire Ashley S.Wales
Douglas Roy  
Dowling S.F. Maidenhead
Downer Simon Stirling
Dransfield John Dorset
Drinkell Graham Suffolk
Driscoll Graham Wellington
Driscoll Graham Telford
Drxell Derrik Coulsden
Dryden Colin Surrey
Duck Frank Southern
Dudfield Simon Mercian
Duncan Alan H.  
Dunbar John N.Yorks.
Dunbar Tom Scarborough
Duncker John  
Dunn Tim Suffolk
Dunthorn Bob Aberdeen
Dupre R.J.W. London
Dutton Steve Oxford
Dwight Terry  
Dixon Jim  
Dyer Russell Woking
Eaglen Ronald Norfolk
Eaton Pat Nottingham
Eccles Derek Scotland
Edgley Drian  
Edgar Steve Cosham
Edge Mike  
Edgecombe Julian N.Devon
Edkins Paul Dunstable
Edmeades Brian Avon
Edray Dave Avon
Edwards D.A.  
Edwards Howard Dunstable
Edwards Neil Swansea
Edwards Tony Wem
Edwardson Dave  
Eldridge G.P.R.  
Elisson David Warwicks
Ellison Chris Luton
Elms Macolm London
Elsdale Tony Ickford
Elsden Roy  
Elster Steve Swansea Uni
Elstone Mick Aberdeen
Emblerton Frank Coventry
Emergy Kevin Totton
Emery Kevin Totton
Emsue J.K.  
Engeham A. London
England Bob Bristol
Erskine David Ulster
Evans J.A.J. London
Evans Jack Clwyd
Evans James Oxon
Evans Jim Didcock
Evans John RAF
Evans John Neston
Evans Lorraine Cheltenham
Evans Mick H.Heath
Evans Mick Weybridge
Evans Neil  
Evans Sid S.Coldfield
Everett M.J. Sandy
Everitt Graham  
Fack John Bristol
Fack Jeremy Bristol
Fack R.J.H. Wolverhampton
Fahy Gerry Ireland
Fahy Raymond Ireland
Fairgrieve Sandy  
Faragher Tom Peel
Farnham Martin Sussex
Farley Paul Welsh
Farrell Mervyn Larne
Farr Adrian Alcester
Fathers Peter Northampton
Faulkner Gordon  
Fawcett Andrew Washington
Fawcett Iris Hawes
Fellows R.E. Peak
Fenard Ted S.Wales
Fennard Ken  
Fennell John Milton Keynes
Fensome Stephen Luton
Ferguson Ian Lancaster
Ferrar Roger Devon
Firth Alan Guildford
Fischnaker Gustav S.S.A.
Fisher Bob Reading
Fisher Sid Dorking
Fitzpatrick John N.Devon
Flatter Mike Balmore
Fletcher A.T.  
Fletcher C.P. Yorks.
Fletcher P. London
Fletcher Tony Swansea
Flitton Frank Surrey
Fletcher Tony Glamorgan
Fletcher Tony Aberdare
Flower Terry Bristol
Finley R. Hants.
Foater Geoff Dudley
Ford Carl Cardiff
Ford Owen  
Fordcombe Peter T.Wells
Fortune Martin Cockermouth
Forrett Michael Aberdeen
Forwood Edward Cambridge
Forty Dave  
Foster Bob  
Foster Michael Guisborough
Fouracre Philip Condors
Fourance R.A. Taunton
Fowler Alan Sheffield
Fox David Nottingham
Fox Robert Blackpool
Fowler E.A. Frimley
Fowler Gordon Sheffield
Fraine Paul de Aylesbury
Frain Paul  
Franklin Tim Cirencester
Frame Joe Lanarks
Fraser Ted Corfe Castle
Frater Edward V.  
Freeman Chris Coventry
Freeman Ronnie Ashton
Froggatt Colin Derby
Fry Dave Dorset
Fry John Wessex
Fry Pat Bournemouth
Fryer Malcolm Norfolk
Fuell Tony Brighton
Full Roger St. Ives
Furnell Alan Hants.
Furness Michael Sheffield
Fust M.  
Gabkin Brian Kent
Gabriels Len Oldham
Gadd W.A. Southern
Gale A. Southern
Gale Nigel Shoreham
Gallager Paul  
Gardiner B. S.O.Trent
Gardiner Mike Sussex
Garland Roger Bristol
Garn Roger Peaks
Garrison Dave  
Garwood David Norwich
Garnett Andrew London
Garvin H. Bristol
Gaskin Brian Kent
Gay Kay  
Geary Graham  
Geary Sam Peak
Geldart Alastair Earl Shilton
George Derek Ryde
Gibbs Andy  
Gibbs Keith Worcs.
Gibbs Richard Oxford
Gibson Eric Blyth
Gibson J.P.  
Gibson Phil Bristol
Giddings Bruce  
Gibbings Mike Hants
Giddings Tony  
Gibbs Richard  
Gidman Harold  
Gifford Nick  
Giget Paul Cardiff
Gigg Paul  
Gilbert Judy Doncaster
Gilbert Tim  
Giles Jim Devizes
Gillford Barry Gower
Gillman R. Clwyd
Girling Tony Suffolk
Girling Vernon Norfolk
Gladwyn Mark Newport
Glanvill Peter Chard
Glanville Dr. Michael  
Glanville R.E.  
Glitthero Jim Bunbury
Glown David Rochdale
Goad Mike Suffolk
Goad Steve Horsham
Godden Brian  
Gooderick Richard H.I.Arden
Goodyear P.  
Godden Brian  
Godderick Reddich
Goepel D. Crawley
Goldden Brian  
Goldsmith Bruce London
Golunski Christopher  
Goodwin Robin Bucks.
Gordon A.  
Gordon Bob Brighton
Gosnold Anthony Hants
Gough John  
Goulstone Peter  
Gower M.  
Graham Colin Plymouth
Graham Terry Great Barr
Grant Ian Cumbia
Gray E.J.  
Grayland Ian Kent
Green Chris  
Green Gerry Welsh
Green J.E. Malvern
Green Paul Croydon
Green Roger Alvaston
Green Ronold Essex
Greenbank Don Yorks
Greenhalgh Doug Halifax
Greenish Keith Dr Bedford
Greensdale Roy E. Wroot
Greenwood Basingstoke
Greger George  
Gregor Keith Maidenhead
Gregory Mick  
Grey E.J.  
Grey Ted  
Griffin Llewlyn Barmouth
Griffith C.H.W.  
Griffiths Brian Suffolk
Griffiths Graham  
Griffiths Joe Farnborough
Griffiths Mike Monmouth
Grint Paul Norfolk
Grundy Ronald Hants.
Grzezinski Frank Pennine
Guerin John Cork
Gumbolton John Bristol
Gwenin David Herts.
Haddon T.  
Hadland M.  
Hadley Dr Dunstance  
Haig James  
Haig Jim  
Hajdukiewkz Mike Glos.
Hall E.B. Houndslow
Hall Bob  
Hall Larry  
Hall Timothy Staff's
Hall William Selby
Hallam Vince Brighton
Hamleton Stuart  
Hanpshire Ronald B.Garmon
Hampton Stewart Sky-surf
Hammond Mark Oxford Uni
Hammond Peter Norwich
Hammond Roy Cork
Hampton Stewart Hants.
Hanks Peter  
Handley Miles Morganor
Hankey Peter Southern
Hanlon Diane  
Hanlon Ray Merseyside
Hann Martin Cowbridge
Hanson Peter Doncaster
Hanson Mick Ayrshire
Hanson M.J.  
Hanrey Peter Southern
Harding Alvin  
Harding Stuart Southern
Harding Peter Cardiff
Hardings Neil Medway
Hardy Gordon  
Hardy Johathan  
Hardy Pete Wolverhampton
Hargreave Peter  
Haroll Steve Suffolk
Harris Chris Cumria
Harris Clive Wembley
Harris Colin  
Harris Johnny  
Harris Peter Hastings
Harris Rodney Andover
Harris Willard  
Harrison Bob Crickhowell
Harrison Brian Glasgow
Harrison Dave Leeds
Harrison Mike  
Hart J. Rayleigh
Hart Phil Paddleworth
Hartfield Chris Brighton
Harthman John Sheffield
Hartnman T.P.  
Harvey Glen M.Bradley
Harvey Glen H. S.Veny
Harvey Peter Church End
Haskett T.  
Hawdley Miles Surrey
Hawkes Colin Dales
Hawkins David Dorchester
Hawksworth M. Brighton
Haws Chris London
Hay Ross  
Hayworth Mike Lancs.
Hayden B. Exeter
Hayes Ian Basingstoke
Hayes Mick Taunton
Haynes Robin London
Hayler Jose Tonbridge
Haynes Rob  
Haynes Terence Surrey
Hayes Ian Basingstoke
Hayes Mick  
Hayward Brian Herts.
Hayward J.  
Hayward R.  
Hazlehurst L.I. Birmingham
Hazlehurst Ian  
Hazelden Shaun Southern
Heagerty Richard Kent
Headon G.  
Heap Robert Bradford
Heatherington Alan S.S.A.
Hebbes B.  
Heffer Dick  
Heggie Henry Kippen
Heggie Henry Kent
Heppie Henry Stirling
Hellerman B.  
Henderson J.H. Reigate
Henry Paul Berkhamstead
Heron John  
Hetherington Alan  
Hetherson Simon Beningbrough
Heward Neil Norfolk
Hewitt J. Ilford
Hibbert M.  
Hibbit Mike Reading
Hickman Brian Wessex
Hickman Neil Swansea
Hicks Stephen R. Norfolk
Hide Norman  
Higham John
Hill Andrew Thames
Hill Leon  
Hill Malcolm W.Midlands
Hill Roy Thames
Hill Terry Suffolk
Hillyard Steve Suffolk
Hilton Brian  
Hindmarsh Eric  
Hinkin Pete Winchester
Hirst Michael Pennine
Hoad I.  
Hockney Tony Sidmouth
Hobbs J.C. F. Avon
Hoberts Mike  
Hobson Graham Manchester
Hobson Malcom Sheffield
Hodgson G.  
Hodkinson J. Tamworth
Hodgkinson Ken Staffs.
Holdaway D. M. Southern
Holden R.E. N.Yorks.
Holmes John N.East
Holt Andy  
Holton J.  
Hollings John Whitby
Holloway Barry Bicester
Holloway Barry Bicester
Honey Roger Maidstone
Honey-Church Malcolm Crawley
Hood Anthony Blyth
Hooper Bob Peaks
Hooper Stanley Essex
Hopkins Bill Stockton
Hopkins William M.Borough
Hopkinson Chris Arundel
Horlor Roger  
Horne Len Manston
Horsfield Eddie Southern
Horsfield Eric Croydon
Horsworth Tim  
Howard Mike Southern
Hough David Southern
Houghton J.  
Hounsfield Andrew Newark
Howard C. Swansea
Howard Smith John Mercian
Howe J. Montrose
Hoyle J. Scarborough
Hudson C.  
Hudson Bruce Brighton
Hudson John Rochdale
Hudson Jennifer Glenageary
Hudson Sandra Glenageary
Hudson Tim  
Hudson Tom Glenageary
Hughes Alan S.S.A.
Hughes Critchley  
Hughes Derek Wolverhampton
Hughes Peter  
Hughes Tony  
Hui Edmund  
Hull Ed  
Hull P.  
Hull Len Cressbrook
Humphreys Bob Glamorgan
Humphreys John Neath
Humphreys L. Coventry
Hunt Ian Camberley
Hunt John Bristol
Hunt Martin Lianblethian
Hunt Steve Brighton
Hunter A.W. Keswick
Hunter Ian  
Hunter John Dunstable
Hurnell Chris Berks.
Hurst Malcolm Aycliffe
Hurst Mick Pennine
Hurtley Mike  
Hutchins Trevor Sandown
Hutchinson Hugh Welsh
Huyton Bill Liverpool
Hyner Trevor Letterston
Iddon Richard Crosdon
Ieyvers John  
Ingram Charlie Aberdeen
Ingram Cliff A. Marlborough
Ingram Martin Surrey
Ivens John  
Ivers John Brighton
Ives Graham Norwich
Irving Denys  
Ivor John Rosemount
Izod Derek  
Jackson D. Norfolk
Jackson Ian Wrighton
Jackson Peter Sheffield
Jayne Matt Bristol
Jago Gordon Bristol
Jalil David Norfolk
James Alan Welsh
James Brian  
James Fred Southern
James Fred Strood
James John  
James Javan Norfolk
James P. W.Yorks.
James Roderick Fairbourne
Jayne Matt  
Jerone Ron Thames Valley
Jarvis Derek Yorks
Jellis Chris Plymouth
Jeal Bob Southern
Jenkins David Freeland
Jenkins John Weymouth
Jerore Rod London
Jobey Colin Sussex
Jocy Enfield
John Ivor  
John J.I.  
Johnson A.R. Purton
Johnson Chris Sussex
Johnson Denis Huntindon
Johnson George Reading
Johnson Mike  
Johnson Peter Plympton
Johnson Ron Reading
Johnson Simon Surbiton
Jones Anthony  
Jones Barbara  
Jones Bob Dorset
Jones Bob Ringwood
Jones Dave L.Chalfont
Jones Ewart Crickhowell
Jones Geoff Leeds
Jones Gwynli Harlech
Jones G.L.M. Leeds
Jones G.T.  
Jones Graham Kingston
Jones I. Glamorgan
Jones Jean Dorrington
Jones Simon Aberystwyth
Jones Tony  
Jones Will Cheshire
Jordan Kevin Salisbury
Joynes Fred Lanark
Judson P. Surrey
Junak Mark Slough
Karoti Hanwell
Kananagh Pete  
Keddie Alan Kirkcaldy
Keddie Rober Kirkcaldy
Keefe Tony London
Keeling George North East
Keeling Simon  
Keen Tim  
Keith Angus  
Kell Brian Blyth
Keleher Ken Guisbough
Kelly Bob Littlebourne
Kelly D. Irish
Kelly Frank Brighton
Kelly R.J. D.Folkstone
Kemmery Frank Hants.
Kempster Alan  
Kendall Paul Hereford
Kennedy Bertie Glengormley
Kent Peter Bridgend
Kenward Richard Camberley
Kemp S.  
Kerr John Suffolk
Kerrigan Joe Cork
Ketelaar Jan Brynrefail
Ketteman D. Crawley
Kevern Cyril N.Devon
Kibble-White Ian Irish
King Graham S.S.A.
King Pat Bishopston
King John Swinford
King Roger Brighton
Kinton Eric Nottingham
Kirke David  
Kirker Ian Irish
Kirkham Trevor London
Knight Jeannie Sussex
Knight Thomas Sussex
Knowles Alan Birkenhead
Knowles G.  
Knowles Hugh Birkenhead
Knowles Leonard Beds.
knowles T.  
Kolecki Jerry  
Kourmarianos Nick Irish
Krall Harry  
Kulig Richard Sheffield
Laidlaw Robin Edinburgh
Laidler Stew Gateshead
Lake Mike Norfolk
Lamb Mick Dursley
Lamdin Rod N.Devon
Lampert M.  
Lamsam S. Cambridge
Lane Dave S.Yorks.
Lane Malcolm Surrey
Landitton Lancs.
Lang K. Northants
Lang W. Kincardine
Langley Nick London
Langman Graham Norfolk
Langton J. Princetown
Lapworth Simon  
Lapworth Stewart  
Lark Colin Dursley
Larkin Nick Southampton
Larson Peter  
Latimer Reg Reading
Laver Martin Portland
Laverty Tom Ulster
Lawler Nick Arborfield
Lawson Richard Bristol
Layfield Dave  
Layfield Phil Sussex
Leader Mike  
Leaper John Henlow
Leason Graham Reading
Leatherhead Alan  
Lee Norman D. Luton
Lees Rod Dyfed
Lehan Bill East Grinstead
Leigh Malcolm Leeds
Leonard Mike Burnley
Leonard S.H.  
Leslie Mark Irish
Letterston Trevor  
Levene Dave  
Liddard Don Essex
Lincoln Taber A. Colchester
Lindgard Mike Caterham
Lindley Lesley  
Linford Brian N. Southsea
Linford Charles Ballymena
Lingard Mike Caterham
Linley Paul  
Leadbitter Simon Linkenholt
Ledwidge Desse Irish
Leslie Mark Dublin
Levene Dave Southampton
Lewes Ginge Eaton Bray
Lewis Dave Essex
Lewis-Evans Roly  
Lewis John Ammanford
Little Dave Sussex
Loach Eric  
Lockett Paul  
Long John Condors
Long John I.O.Bewers
Lomax Len Wilts.
Lostermann Peter  
Love Tony Sussex
Lowrey Jeff Brighton
Loxley David  
Loyns G.  
Lumb Katherine London
Lusby-Taylor D.M.  
Lynch Dave London
Lyne Dave W.Counties
Lythgoe John  
MacDonald Tristan Cornwall
Mackenzie John Sumbough
Mackie A.  
Maclaren Tony Chichester
Mace K.B.  
Mackellar Somerset
Mackenzie Avon
Magee Vic Beds.
Mager Vic Beds.
Magnum Jeff  
Maher Michael Southern
Maidment Chris  
Mainstone Robert  
Malin John Sussex
Mallender John Sheffield
Maloney Kevin Chorley
Mancey Tony Medway
Mann Derek  
Mansfield Dave  
Mansworth Rick  
Mantle Dr. John  
Maler Brian Somerset
Marison Ken Lanarkshire
Maraitos P.  
Maratos Paul Manchester
Marlow D.  
Marshall Steven  
Marlow David Avon
Marsh Brian Dudley
Marsh Jack Norfolk
Marshall Steve Leeds
Marshman Martin  
Martfield Chris Brighton
Martin Bob  
Martin Keith London
Martin Paul  
Martindale Peter Derby
Marton Bram Argyll
Martyn D.R. Scarborough
Martyn Neil Wilts.
Marvin Jeff  
Mason Nick Norfolk
Mason Terry Wilts.
Mathes K.E.  
Mathews R.  
Matthews M. R.O.Wye
Maufe Nick Nottingham
Maux Frank Le Herts.
Maux Jane Le Herts.
Mawer Peter Bude
May Kevin Sittingbourne
Maynard Doug Bracknell
Mayer Mick  
Mayes J. F. Norfolk
Mayes Mel Norfolk-Suffolk
Mayhew Alan  
Maynard Doug Bracknell
Mayo Peter Edinburgh
Mayon Nicholas  
Mayrick D. Liverpool
McArthar C. Cheshire
McBroom Geoff Bristol
M'Cabe M.J. Whitby
McCartny J.R. London
McCormack Collin Manchester
McConnachie John Inverness
McCullagh J.A.  
McDougall Fife
McGoran Hughie  
McDowell Yvonne S.Coldfield
McGowen Mike Cleveland
McGrath T. Cork
McGregor WIlliam N.Yorks.
McGovern Hughie  
McKay Bob Skewen
McKinlay John Lanarkshire
McLoughlin Reading
McMenemy James B.  
McMillan Ross Hove
McMillan Mike Newbridge
McNeil Ian Berks
McNeil R.  
McNeish Elgin
McRae Alan Norfolk
McRitchie A.R.  
McSwenny James  
Meacham Trevor Wales
Meaden Ian  
Meager Tim Cheltenham
Meager J.T.  
Medland Steven  
Meecham Trevor RAF
Meredith Steve Wales
Messenger Ken Marlborough
Mees Gary  
Meredith Stephen Swansea
Metcalfe Jeff Leicester
Michell Simon Wolverhampton
Middleton Roger Peak
Milbourne T. Bracknell
Milburn J. Trowbridge
Miles Nigel  
Millar Les Norfolk
Millbounn Terry  
Miller A.C.  
Miller Brian L. Regis
Miller Danny Birks.
Miller David  
Millhouse Norman Avon
Mills Peter Kent
Mills W. Southern
Milne Alastair Montrose
Milnes D. H. Norfolk
Milnes Nigel Bristol
Milton Brian Herts.
Milward P. Kinloss
Milward Peter N.Yorks.
Mitchell Dr Simon Dorchester
Michell Rod Norwich
Michell Simon  
Mindel Brian Southern
Moffat John Cambridge
Moloney Kevin Chorley
Moore Adrian  
Moore Derek Norfolk
Monro Gorgon  
Monro Paddy  
Montaine Emmon Irish
Moran Neil Suffolk
Moran Tim Dales
Morgan C.  
Morgan Dave Whitley Bay
Morgan Eric Cardiff
Morgan Keith Surrey
Moroney H. Coventry
Morris Colin Surrey
Morris Derek Surrey
Morris G.S. Staffs.
Morrison P.G. North East
Moseley R.  
Moseley Terence Glengormley
Moss J.T.  
Moss Pearly  
Moss Percy Kenilworth
Moss R.  
Moss Steve Didmarton
Moss Stuart Inverness
Mott R.J. Biggleswade
Moule David Douglas
Mounce Peter  
Mudie Dave Birmingham
Mugridge Malcolm Plymouth
Muldoon M. Irish
Munde Dennis London
Munn Dennis Uxbridge
Munro Alistair Edinburgh.
Murdoch P.  
Murphy Simon Honiton
Murphy T.  
Murry Gordon Holytown
Murry Gordon Scotland
Murton Bramley J. Argyll
Myers Peter Southern
Myatt Stephen  
Myles Sean Suffolk
Napper Bob Gwent
Naylor Chris Iichester
Newton Bill Southern
Neale P. Worcs.
Neale Ralph Tunbridge
Nethercroft Gary Bristol
Newbold Lindsay Walsall
Newbold Diane Walsall
Newell R. Engeham
Newell Tony Rossendale
Newman John Harlow
Newton Bill  
Neyedli Doug Aberdeen
Nibden Terry Wessex
Niblett William Avon
Nickell Rodney Somerset
Nickells Dave Northampton
Nicholas Reg Craven arms
Nicholls David  
Nicholls Gary  
Nicholls Terrry Swindon
Nightingale J. Devon
Niven M.C.  
North John Preston
Northage John Pennine
Nowell Ernie Newcastle
Nunn Bill Newbury
Nuttall Alan Rossendale
O'Brien Stephen  
O'Driscoll John Ferndown
Ogden John  
Ogston Simon Dundee
Orr Martin Poole
Orrock Dave Stevenage
Osbaldstone Les Swindon
Osborne Debbie Hants
Osborne Pete Norfolk
Osburn H.J.  
Oram Ken  
Page Doug Spalding Moor
Paine Barry S.Wales
Paine David S. Wales
Pakes Les  
Papps C.  
Parker Allen Hampshire
Parker Dave Studley
Parkins Brian Southampton
Parsons D.J. Broomsgrove
Parsonnage Peter Mid-Wales
Partington Brian Surrey
Partington Ian  
Patterson Ian Belfast
Paterson Ian Glasgow
Patterson Ernie Killinchy
Patterson Robert S.S.A.
Patterson Tony Suffolk
Pattenden Brian Norfolk
Pattenden Robin Herne Bay
Pattinson Robert S.Essex
Pattison Wolsingham
Pattison Colin  
Pattison Bob N.London
Pascal Timothy Long Mynd
Pavey Derek Glos.
Payne Jim London
Payne Diane Derby
Pearce Andrew Exeter
Pearce Roger Southampton
Pearson Alan  
Pedrozer Jim  
Penman Jim Fife
Pennal M. BFPO 23
Pennell Ivan  
Pennet G. Norfolk
Pentith Howard Swansea
Perret Mandy  
Perkins K. A.  
Perrin Dave  
Petith Howard Swansea
Pettigrew James  
Peto Tibor  
Philips Ian  
Phillips Alan Shropshire
Philips C.  
Philips J. Godalming
Philips Gary Tenby
Phillips Robert Reading
Pickman Mike Bucks.
Picton Ray Swansea
Pierce David London
Piggott Dick  
Pingel Martin Cardiff
Pionk Steve London
Pirie Ian  
Pitkin A. Barnes
Platt Roger Wessex
Plews B. Somerset
Pollard Mike Liverpool
Ponting Alan Maidenhead
Poole Cliff Cheshire
Porter Alfred London
Porter John Warminister
Portway Charles Norfolk
Potts Jim  
Potter Edmund Cambridge
Potter Russ Brighstone
Pottinger Stanley Bristol
Potts James S.S.A.
Pounder Philip Long Eaton
Powell Doug Abercrave
Powell Martin Horley
Powell P.J. Swansea
Powell Ray Hereford
Power Adam Norfolk
Preedy Jeremy Norfolk
Prentice Tony  
Prestidge Harry Reading
Price P.H. Suffolk
Proctor Jeremy Harrogate
Proctor Tim  
Prosser Stuart  
Prydderch Ken Gresford
Prydderick Alan Wrexham
Pscall Timothy Shropshire
Ptossiek D. Mansfield
Pugh G. B.  
Puckley Barry E. Dulwich
Pulford Mike Norwich
Purcey John Bridgewater
Purnell Clive Avon
Pym Chris  
Pym Dave  
Quarendon Hugh Brokenhurst
Quin Newcastle
Qwen John Mercian
Rain Jack  
Raisbeck Kevin Welsh
Rallings Debbie  
Randall John Luton
Rankin John Breamar
Ramsden Tony Birmingham
Ramsey Michael Cramlingham
Ramshaw Tom N.Shields
Rathbone R.A.  
Rathbone Tony Keswick
Rawson Ian Burnley
Raymond Dave Marlborough
Read Christopher  
Readman Chris  
Redmile Michael Norfolk
Renshaw Brian Scarborough
Read Glen Suffolk
Reast Adrian P. Doncaster
Reece John Formby
Regan Nick  
Reid C.  
Reid Dave N.Yorks.
Release Rod Essex
Renouf Paul  
Renshaw B.  
Reynolds Derek Middlesbrough
Reynolds Keith  
Reynolds Will Norfolk
Rhodes Dave Bilston
Rhodes Della Middles.
Ridgway R.J. H.Wycombe
Rice Harold Reigate
Richards Dennis  
Richards Dr B.  
Richards Mark  
Richards N. Coventry
Richards P. Somerset
Richards R.  
Richards Tim Bishopstan
Richards Tony Avon
Richardson Brent Sunderland
Richardson David Middx
Richardson P.  
Richings Russ Basildon
Richmond Albert Nottingham
Ricketts Tom Huddersfield
Ricketts Tom Reading
Rideway Ray  
Riley A.  
Riley D. RAF
Rimmer J.K. Swansea
Robb Jimmy Tandragee
Rockcliffe Howard Maidenhead
Rodney Arscott  
Roberts Bill Douglas
Roberts Chris Southend
Roberts Dave Ulster
Roberts David J.  
Roberts Dr B. A. Deal
Roberts J.G.  
Roberts Mike Warley
Robertson Alan  
Robertson Dale Bannffshire
Robertson Mike Brighton
Robinson David Horndean
Robinson Damon Hythe
Robinson Mike Brighton
Robinson Mike Norfolk
Robinson Peter Broadmayne
Robinson Philip Blackburn
Robinson T. B.Regiss
Roberson Allan  
Robertson Alex  
Robertson D. Cullen
Robertson Michael Surrey
Robson J. Somerset
Robson Mike  
Rockcliffe Howard  
Rogers Alf  
Rogers E.G.  
Rogg Collin Derby
Roland Neil Berks.
Rolls C.  
Rose Murry Bucks.
Ross Mike Manchester
Rossiter J. Irish
Rottman W. St. Albans
Rowe A.M. Chelmsford
Rowlands Graham Welsh
Rowley Eric Grassington
Royal D. E.Port
Royal P.A. Chorley
Rudd L.T.  
Ruddock Linsay London
Rumble L. Sussex
Turnbull R.  
Russell Alvin Shropshire
Russell Barbara Montomery
Russell R. B.  
Rutledge John London
Rowland Dennis Heswall
Ryan Chris Dunstable
Ryder Colin Dales
Ryder Ken Cinderford
Ryder Thomas  
Sadler Colin Surrey
Salisbury Ted Dover
Salmon Herbert S.S.A.
Salmon Dr John Farnborough
Salter Graham  
Saphier J.G. Liverpool
Sanders M.M. Southern
Saul Martin Cobham
Savill Peter  
Saville Mark  
Scates Dick Abson
Schmitt Heinz Chertsey
Scott Bernard  
Scott Bill St. Column
Scott Graham Southern
Scott James Reading
Scott Peter I.O.W.
Scott Roger  
Scott Tom Dr  
Scott P.J. Seaview
Sealey J. Worcs.
Searson D.A. Surrey
Searle John  
Secombe Johnny London
Seers Les Sittingbourne
Selby Rob L.O.Solent
Sempik J.  
Shail Ken Malvern
Shall K.V.  
Shaw P.K.  
Sharp John Northampton
Sharp M. Bradford
Sharpe A.J.  
Sharpe John Norfolk-Suffolk
Shaw Bud Southern
Shaw David Wilton
Shaw Michael Dales
Shaw Malcolm Falkirk
Sheaf Ken Woolacombe
Shearman Dave Devon
Sheppard John Middx.
Sheppard Maurice Bournemouth
Sherwin Cyril Bilston
Shida John Essex
Shids John  
Shillitoe Ian  
Shreeve Ted  
Shine Geoff Brynmawr
Shine Geoff Surrey
Short Eric  
Short Dougie Cumbria
Shuttleworth Mark  
Sigrist Ray Brighton
Simm Aldershot
Simmons Chris Cloughmills
Simpson Dave Hitchen
Simpson Derek Herts.
Simpson Kay Hitchen
Simpson Peter Doncaster
Sinfield K.  
Sinton Leigh  
Skinner Mick  
Slater Graham Brighton
Slater John Cardiff
Slater Tony Shrewsbury
Slater-Brown J.  
Slipper Barry N.Yorks.
Smith Alan Gosport
Smith Alfred Nuneaton
Smith Andy Bexley
Smith Andy Worksop
Smith Brian B.Salterton
Smith Barry Hants
Smith Bunny  
Smith C.H. Garston
Smith Clive London
Smith David  
Smith Divia RAF
Smith D.K. Leicester
Smith Dr. Mike  
Smith Douglas Norfolk
Smith G.P.  
Smith John Howard Malvern
Smith Peter Burnley
Smith R. Northampton
Smith Richard  
Smith Robin Aberdeen
Smith Roger Northants
Smith S. Salistbury
Smith Trevor Derby
Smither R. Southend
Smither Roger N.Devon
Smyth Norman  
Snail Ken  
Snape Geoff  
Snook Malcolm Hampshire
Snowling Alan Norfolk-Suffolk
Softley Rob Essex
Somerville Jim  
Soothill David York's
Soulsby R.L. Somerset
Southall Mark Hereford
Spall N. Maidstone
Spershott Dave  
Spooner Reggie I.O.W.
Spottiswoode James Aberystwyth
Spratt Don Kent
Stacey Derek Herts.
Stafford Alan Derby's
Stafford J. Irish
Stainer Mike Braunton
Stallard Collin Essex
Standsford N.  
Stapleton C.S. N.Yorks.
Stapleton Gerald Cleveland
Stark Tom Tranent
Starling Mick Norfolk
Steadman Ian Kidderminister
Steele Robert Sussex
Steele-Child J.R. Leeds
Stellings D. Scotland
Stemman Chris  
Stephens Paul  
Stephenson John N.Yorks.
Stevens M.  
Stevens Pete  
Stevens R.  
Stevenson John N.Yorks.
Stewart Clive  
Stewart T.W.  
Stimpson Charles Surrey
Stirk John Dales
Stokes Dave Basildon
Stokes Greg B.Hill
Stokes John  
Stokes Rob Cosham
Stones Mike London
Storry John Sheffield
Stothard Jim Hull
Stovell Robert Goudhurst
Strotter Del Bristol
Stirk John Yorks.
Strark T.M. Scotland
Strong F.  
Stuart Rod  
Studley Dave Austwood bank
Sutton Pete Avon
Squire Tony  
Squires David Glasgow
Squires Doug Warwicks
Sutton Peter Avon
Swayn Johnathan  
Sweet-Escott Rupert  
Sweet Mike RAF Gosford
Sweet V.R.  
Swift Philip Cheshire
Sykes Chris Alford
Sylvester Mark  
Sylvester Roger Caterham
Sylvester Terry  
Symbelist Rob Swansea
Symberust Rod Killay
Symes Geoff Parkstone
Tabbner Geoff  
Taft Tim Leeds
Taggart Dave London
Taggart Jim Army
Tait Dave Surrey
Tamblyn Frank  
Tame Chris Horsham
Tansley Chris Suffolk
Tansley Rochester
Tapster J.A.  
Targett Derek S.O. Fosse
Tarjanyi Jn Frank Sussex
Tarjanyi Frank Sn. Sussex
Tate Anthony Bristol
Taylor C, Kendal
Taylor Captain D. Briforge
Taylor Chris St. Annes
Taylor Dave Ipswich
Taylor D.S. Spechley
Taylor Garnett  
Taylor Pete S.Benfleet
Taylor Sam Gosport
Taylor Trevor Southern
Taylor Tommy Cheltenham
Taylor William  
Teal Mark Sutton
Temple-Murray Maidenhead
Tempest Terence Avon
Teece Chris Tonbridge
Therville Christian Ireland
Thirlwall John  
Thomas Dave Kettering
Thomas Ian Pennine
Thomas Errol Wales
Thomas Garth Straffordshire
Thomas Julian Avon
Thomas Nigel V.S.  
Thomas R. Gwent
Thomson Dave  
Thompson Greg Norfolk
Thompson Linda  
Thompson Tommy Middx.
Threlkeld F. Cumbia
Threll Bert W.Bassett
Tidd Richard Bembridge
Tidswell Vince  
Tindley Peter Dorset
Tinker Phil  
Topping P. Hove
Toole Tony Brighton
Tomkins Robin  
Tovey Neil  
Tozer Bruce  
Trapp Arthur Kidderminister
Trelease Rod Chelmsford
Tremer John Newry
Trevanion David Malpas
Trickett Martin Sumburgh
Trickey Dick BFPO 106
Trotter Ian  
Turnball Robert Shetland
Turner Harry Morpeth
Turner Dave Bristol
Turner Doug Dewsbury
Turner John Bingley West
Turner Pat N.Devon
Turner Len Bristol
Turner Tony  
Turnhill R.  
Turvey N. Hamps.
Twaites C.  
Twamley R. Coventry
Twiss Guy Essex
Twist Lewis  
Tyrell Bert W.Bassett
Uddard Don S.Essex
Underwood Barry Leicester
Unsworth Harry Bradford
Unsworth Paul Hants
Vallance S.  
Valentine C. Morayshire
Vandenberghe C. Southern
Venton-walters Roy  
Venus L. C. Sussex
Vinner Charles Sussex
Vinning Keith Birmingham
Voller Steve Suffolk
Waddington Dick Glos.
Waddilove Trevor Grimsby
Waddsworth John Manchester
Waddsworth John Rearding
Wadsworth John Thames Valley
Wainright G.D. Cardiff
Wakfield Ted Cornwall
Walder Jeremy Southampton
Walder Raymond Southern
Walker Martin  
Walker Jan Bristol
Walker James Pennine
Walker Stephen Norfolk
Wall Barry Wantage
Walling Dave  
Walls R.  
Wale James Glos.
Walke Jeremy Southampton
Walker Geoff London
Walker V. Whitfield
Walser Dave  
Walsh Anthony Norfolk
Walton A. N.U.Tyne
Wandsworth John  
Ward Ken Sunderland
Ward Les Mold Clwud
Ward Steven Pennine
Ward Steve Mirfield
Ware John N.Yorks
Ware John (Rick) G.Caley
Warder Nigel  
Wares James Glos.
Wars Rick Staxton
Watering Ray Walcot
Waters Anne Herts.
Wates Roger Southern
Waterworth Peter  
Watson A.J.  
Watson David Avon
Watts Dave Nutley ?
Watts Don Nutley ?
Watts Norman Doncaster
Waycott Bernie Bristol
Weaver E.J.  
Webb John Norfolk
Webb M. Bath
Webb Martin Leicester
Weed Gordon Northants
Weeden Dave Oxford
Weeks David Keswick
Welch Steve Suffolk
Welch Ann  
Welch Tony Cork
Welsh Mike Lerwick
Welford Thomas Norfolk
Well John Suffolk
Werts Doug Sittingbounre
West Bob Kent
West M.  
Westcott John Cheltenham
Werts Doug Sitingbourne
Weston Alan  
Weston Bill Suffolk
Wheeler P.  
Wheeler Ron  
Wheeler Ray Southampton
Wilmott Charles  
White Allan Middx.
White Chris  
White Tim Cleveland
Whitby Ron Northwich
Whiteley Norfolk
Whitehead Jim Brighton
Whitehead John Brighton
Whitelaw David Carluke
Whitfield J.W.R.  
Whitfield John Edinburgh
Whitfield Peter Bristol
Whittal Noel Leeds
Whittle J. D. Cumbia
Whittaker Albert Burnley
Whittaker Peter Camberley
Whittall R.N.  
Whitmarsh Adrian Horley
Whitney Jim Portsmouth
Whitwham Jim Southern
Whitworth Jim Ambleside
Whymark Dave Suffolk
Wilburn Roger  
Wilde T. Irish
Wilford Theodore Malvern
Wilkins David Stevenage
Wilkinson Colin Warrington
Wilkinson J.B.  
Willbourn R.S. S.S.A.
Willbourn Roger  
Willboune Roger  
Williams A.R.  
Williams B.C. Birmingham
Williams Clive Long Mynd
Williams D. Loughborough
Williams Gerald Cheshire
Williams Ian Tettenhall
Williams Jeremy London
Williams Owen  
Williams Tim  
Williams Tony Avon
Williamson Alfred Widnes
Willis David  
Willis Mike  
Wills Justine  
Willmott Charles Birmingham
Wilson Andrew Southampton
Wilson Alexander D.  
Wilson Graham Lindfield
Wilson Ian Dunfermline
Wilson J.E. Staffs.
Wilson Kelvin Sussex
Wilson Natalie Southampton
Wilson Peter Amesbury
Wilson Phil Southend
Wilson Rick Reading
Wilson Richard Reading
Wiltshire Tony  
Winser Ralph  
Winsor Alan  
Winter B. Maidstone
Winteringham Paul Birmingham
Winteringham Paul Solihull
Winteringham S.  
Wisely Robert Sussex
Wiseley Robert  
Wishart Bob Avon
Wiseman A.J.  
Wolley T. Leicester
Wood Brian Bromley
Wood John Rossendale
Wood David Dover
Wood David Dyfed
Wood John Irish
Wood J.S. Peak
Woods Dave Haverford
Woods Eric Southern
Woods F.M.  
Woods John  
Woods M. BFPO Ships
Woodford Alan Polegate
Woodhams Mark Brighton
Woolerton B.  
Woolford Dave Brighton
Woolman Paul Cornwall
Wooltorton Bob Suffolk
Wooltorton ? Suffolk
Wootton Simon Bedford
Worrall J. Stourbridge
Worth Dave Kent
Worth Richard Enstone
Wright Ben  
Wright Bill Condors
Wright Brian  
Wright Julian Wellington
Wright Rachel  
Wrighton T.  
Wrigley Nick  
Wrzesiew O. G. Norfolk
Wynne ben N.U.Tyne
Wyse Gordon  
Wyse Norman  
Yeomans Tom Rothwell
Young Andrew S.S.A.
Yule Alec Hagley
Yule Dave Luton
Zarowski Ronnie Sheffield
Zuidyk Chris Southern


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